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RE: could somebody check this translation for me?

DloraH wrote:
>With prefixes, him, her, and it are grouped together.  But -Daj is listed
>with only his/hers.

Hm, my TKD lists -Daj as "his, her, its".

 >> to boldy go where noone has gone before
> > jaq 'ej Sovlu'be'ghach ghoS
> > I'm also curious about {Sovlu'be'ghach}, can I use that for "the unknown"?
>/jaq/ "be bold" is a verb.  You're using it as an adverbial.  Can't do that.

Mwuah, I meant {jaq} as "be bold", as in, "to be bold and to go to the 
unknown". But I could have better used -taHvIS indeed.

>Is /Sovlu'be'ghach/ a noun refering to the action/state of not knowing or
>does it refer to the thing that is being not known?

Hm... I'm not sure? Well... Sovlu'be' is something like "it is not known", 
right? So I figured Sovlu'be'ghach would be like 'being not known'-ness... 
unknownness... hm... no, you're right, that doesn't really work here.

>'ej jaq(lu')taHvIS  Daq ghoSlu'be'ta'bogh ghoSmeH

Hm. {Daq ghoSlu'be'ta'bogh}, smart... Ok, thanks for the help!! I'll try to 
remember all this...


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