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RE: could somebody check this translation for me?

> >With prefixes, him, her, and it are grouped together.  But -Daj is listed
> >with only his/hers.
> Hm, my TKD lists -Daj as "his, her, its".

This is interesting.  p25 does list "its", but p162,165 does not.

>  >> to boldy go where noone has gone before
> > > jaq 'ej Sovlu'be'ghach ghoS
> >
> >/jaq/ "be bold" is a verb.  You're using it as an adverbial.  Can't do
> Mwuah, I meant {jaq} as "be bold", as in, "to be bold and to go to the
> unknown". But I could have better used -taHvIS indeed.

What's weird is that I was thinking of including "to be bold and to go to
the unknown" as an example, and I don't know why but I didn't see it in your
sentence.  I need some sleep.

DloraH, BG

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