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RE: could somebody check this translation for me?

> space
> logh


> the final frontier
> veH Qav

Hmm, this doesn't sit well in my mind, but I'm having trouble coming up with
something better.

wej Daq Qav ghoSlu'bogh (/wej/ being "not yet", not "three")
wej Sep Qav ghoSlu'bogh
I'm not really happy with these either.  Hmm.

> these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise
> 'entepray' 'ejDo' lengmey 'oHvam
> I know {'oHvam} is a bit dubious but I like it myself...

What I see might be a problem is that sometimes pronouns act like nouns,
sometimes they act like verbs.  Here it is acting like a verb and has a noun
Plus, the english is "THESE are the ...", which would be /bIH/.

> its continuing mission
> taHbogh Qu'Daj

With prefixes, him, her, and it are grouped together.  But -Daj is listed
with only his/hers.  We don't have non-being possessors.  Has Okrand ever
shown non-being possession with a suffix instead of a noun-noun
construction?  Marc!?

> to explore strange new worlds
> qo'mey Huj chu' tu'

On these next three lines I read "to" as /-meH/.
qo'mey tu'meH, or maybe  qo'mey DItu'meH, or  qo'mey lutu'lu'meH.

We can have only one adjective.  Additional descriptive words would be
attached by using -bogh.
Hujbogh qo'mey chu' tu'meH
chu'bogh qo'mey Huj tu'meH
Hujbogh qo'mey 'ej chu'bogh tu'meH

When a klingon first discovers something, even tho it's a hundred years old,
would he refer to it as "new", like we humans do?

> to seek out new life and new civilizations
> yIn chu' tayqeqmey chu' je Sam

Same comment about "new" and /-meH/.

> to boldy go where noone has gone before
> jaq 'ej Sovlu'be'ghach ghoS
> I'm also curious about {Sovlu'be'ghach}, can I use that for "the unknown"?

/jaq/ "be bold" is a verb.  You're using it as an adverbial.  Can't do that.

Is /Sovlu'be'ghach/ a noun refering to the action/state of not knowing or
does it refer to the thing that is being not known?

'ej jaq(lu')taHvIS  Daq ghoSlu'be'ta'bogh ghoSmeH

DloraH, BG

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