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could somebody check this translation for me?

Hi everyone,

I've tried to translate the Star Trek: The Next Generation intro voice-over 
into tlhIngan Hol, I think most people here probably know it but it goes:

the final frontier
these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise
its continuing mission
to explore strange new worlds
to seek out new life and new civilizations
to boldy go where noone has gone before

I came up with:

veH Qav
'entepray' 'ejDo' lengmey 'oHvam
taHbogh Qu'Daj
qo'mey Huj chu' tu'
yIn chu' tayqeqmey chu' je Sam
jaq 'ej Sovlu'be'ghach ghoS

Could somebody identify the errors for me, and/or give suggestions on how 
to word it better? I know {'oHvam} is a bit dubious but I like it myself... 
I'm also curious about {Sovlu'be'ghach}, can I use that for "the unknown"?
I appreciate any and all comments, because they cause me to learn, and that 
is my goal! :)


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