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Re: jIghIQta' / KLBC

"Andeen, Eric" wrote:

> ja' DloraH:
> > jIchegh (qaStaHvIS wa' Hogh jIghIQ 'e' Daqaw'a'?)
> > wanI' vItIvqu'
> jatlh pIl'o':
> DloraH, yIqIm:
> > lenglIj  DataHta'mo'  'e'  qaHoy'.
> 'oy'.
> None of the meanings of <taH> make sense here. I suspect you meant <ta'>.
> You also meant just <qaHoy'> rather than <'e' qaHoy'>, yes?

I mean to say [I congratulate you because you endured your trip]
why does <taH> as in "survive/endure" not work here?
           lenglIj DataHta'mo'  'ej  qaHoy'.     <does this work?

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