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Re: Does this make sense? (KLBC)

ja'pu' pagh:
>Gintaka tuq DevwI' - The Gintaka house's leader -or- The leader of the house
>of Gintaka

ja' peHruS:
>lughbej pagh, BGma'.  yIqIm!  The name of the tuq comes before the word
>{tuq}.  This is also true of ranks, e.g., tlha HoD for Captain Klaa or wo'rIv
>Sogh for Lt. Worf.  pagh has put it there correctly for you; I am merely
>explaining why it works this way.

nuq DaQIjpu'?  The word {tuq} isn't a rank; the name of the house comes
before the house because that's how the noun-noun construction works.  I
don't see any explanation of why this is similar to how ranks work.  Any
such explanation would get bent pretty quickly trying to deal with things
like Skybox S7, {qIvo'rIt pagh'e'} "K'Vort Class Pagh", which goes in the
other direction.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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