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Re: qortar? DujDaj? HIjIvHa'moH!

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999 11:54:07 -0500 Carl Beckom 
<> wrote:

> The Barge of the Dead is actually a real barage, and it transports the
> dishonored dead to Klingon hell.
> The master of the barage is the first male Klingon who killed off the Gods
> who created him, as his punishment for this deed he has to spend all
> eternity transporting the dishonored dead.

jISIvtaH. loDvam bIjlu'law'. bIj 'Iv? loDvam lupmoH 'Iv?
> The river looks like a endless sea and is filled who each Klingons worse
> fears, and has the ability to try and lore the dishonored from  the barge
> and
> torture their soles for all eternity in their worse fears if they aren't
> careful.

What if we have no fears? It becomes a pleasant cruise across a 
placid lake?

> The whole event is tailored to the mind set of the individual as far as what
> they expect hell to be.

A sea of tribbles...

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> From: Carleton Copeland <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 5:49 PM
> Subject: qortar? DujDaj? HIjIvHa'moH!
> > Would someone-on or off the list-do me the great favor of synopsizing
> > "Barge of the Dead" and the legend of qortar?  In my culturally benighted
> > quadrant of the galaxy, Hov leng-lengwI' cha'be'lu'.   I take it the barge
> > ferries the HeghwI'pu' quvHa' over the 'Iw bIqtIq to ghe''or.  Is qortar,
> > then, the Charon of Klingon mythology?  What do the barge and the River of
> > Blood look like?  I want all the gory details.
> >
> > qa'ral

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