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Re: qortar? DujDaj? HIjIvHa'moH!

The Barge of the Dead is actually a real barage, and it transports the
dishonored dead to Klingon hell.

The master of the barage is the first male Klingon who killed off the Gods
who created him, as his punishment for this deed he has to spend all
eternity transporting the dishonored dead.

The river looks like a endless sea and is filled who each Klingons worse
fears, and has the ability to try and lore the dishonored from  the barge
torture their soles for all eternity in their worse fears if they aren't
The whole event is tailored to the mind set of the individual as far as what
they expect hell to be.

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> Would someone-on or off the list-do me the great favor of synopsizing
> "Barge of the Dead" and the legend of qortar?  In my culturally benighted
> quadrant of the galaxy, Hov leng-lengwI' cha'be'lu'.   I take it the barge
> ferries the HeghwI'pu' quvHa' over the 'Iw bIqtIq to ghe''or.  Is qortar,
> then, the Charon of Klingon mythology?  What do the barge and the River of
> Blood look like?  I want all the gory details.
> qa'ral

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