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Re: Mu'mey chu'

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:30:50 EDT wrote:

> I wouldn't consider it culturally taboo, at least for Klingons.

I would like to personally request that you stop filling the 
list with single sentence messages with no included context 
except for the subject header. This is not a chat room. This is 
Email. If you are answering a question, state the question and 
the answer. Don't assume we've all been reading only the same 
message you just read when you answered it.

Besides the likelihood that we've read fifty messages since the 
one you are answering, many of us read messages in reverse order 
of receipt so we see the answer BEFORE we see the question, so 
when we get to the question, we'll know it already has been 
answered and we can tell how well it has been answered before 
bothering to answer it again. But if all we get is the answer 
with no question, well, you just become a person who is deleted 
frequently with no interest in your messages.



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