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Re: chay' yIH vIHoH?

jatlh HomDoq:

>> pImbogh mIw DaneH'a'?
>HISlaH! Hoch mIwmey vIneHchu'! :-)

yIH DIr yISIj vaj wep chu' DaSuqlaH (wejlogh)
lo'laH mIwvam, qar'a'?

>> chaq latlhpu' DaqaD DaneH: yIH HoHchu' 'Iv?
>jImIS. bomvam vIghovbe'... HIQaH!

bom pong 'oHbe' mu'tlheghwIj'e'. qaD 'oH.

"Maybe you want to challenge the others: Who can perfectly kill the

Or, in other words: Who can make good (nice / cruel / funny / mean / evil /
interesting / sanguinary / easy-to-do / ...) verses for your tribble killing

And when you have collected a few hundred verses you can make this song a
qep'a' event...

>                                           Marc Ruehlaender
>                                           aka HomDoq


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