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Re: Closed Captions?

>	1. Pak-batla': A sacred scroll consulted by B'Elanna.
: Gee. That looks a lot like paq batlh'a', which would be reversed 
: word order for "book of great honor". But then what does 
: Paramount know about word order?
> It's "PAQ'BATLH" in the captions.  No doubt it's {no' Hol}. <g>
> You're giving the writers far too much credit in thinking they would use
> the augmentative suffix {-'a'}.  The name of the "sacred Klingon scroll"
> B'Elanna was reading is just {paq batlh} "The Book of Honor".

: Actually, {paq batlh} would be "The Honor of the Book" or "The 
: Book's Honor". If you wanted "The Book of Honor" it should be 
: {batlh paq}.
quSDaq bIba'.  

I wasn't talking about {ta' Hol}, but rather {Paramount Hol}--or {no' Hol}
if you prefer.  

In fact, just for the hell of it, if we posit that the order of elements
(possessor and possessed) in genitive constructions was reversed in many of
the {no' Hol} snippets we hear from that of "modern" {ta' Hol}, some of the
writers' more egregious errors can be dealt with.   

Okrand, in fact, tries to do just that so as to maintain the illusion of a
real culture.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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