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RE: Barge and translations/KLBC

jatlh malqa:

> I've got the transcript from Barge and I'm trying to 
> translate (for the first time ) but the spellings are 
> pure Standard ,hard to tell an l from and I and whether 
> the letter at the beginning of the sentence is really 
> supposed to be a q or a Q because they've capitalized 
> everything. 

> The word in question from this list was written  paq'batleth  
> which translates as book(scroll) of Honor ?

I'm sure that is what they were going for, but that would be <batlh paq>.

> I ask help in correcting my first translation from the ep of :
> pIch vIghajbe' 

> pIch = fault/blame  , vI = I/him her/it/them   
> ghaj = have  be' =not
> roughly translated would this mean :
> I/him/her/it/them are not at fault or to blame ?  

I think you had a little trouble with the prefix here. The "I" part is for
the subject and the "him/her/it/them" part is for the object. So <vIghaj>
means "I have him/her/it/them". The explicit object - <pIch> - matches up
nicely with the "it" in "him/her/it/them", which is good. So what does it
mean? "I do not have blame.", or in the words of Han Solo "It's not my

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