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Re: Closed Captions?

> If anyone out there has closed captioning on their TV, please tell me 
> the giben spelling/pronunciation of the following words from the recent
> Voyager episode "Barge of the Dead."
>	1. Pak-batla': A sacred scroll consulted by B'Elanna.

: Gee. That looks a lot like paq batlh'a', which would be reversed 
: word order for "book of great honor". But then what does 
: Paramount know about word order?

It's "PAQ'BATLH" in the captions.  No doubt it's {no' Hol}. <g>

You're giving the writers far too much credit in thinking they would use
the augmentative suffix {-'a'}.  The name of the "sacred Klingon scroll"
B'Elanna was reading is just {paq batlh} "The Book of Honor".

The Paramount writers sometimes include words from TKD in their scripts -
and BTW, there are a lot of them in this episode, mostly uninflected and in
English word order - leaving the poor actors to try and figure out how to
pronounce Okrand's strange-looking spelling on their own.  The actors often
pronounce Klingon /tlh/ as if it were two syllables and {batlh} usually
comes out sounding like English "battle": /BAT-uhl/ or /BA-tuhl/.  Roxanne
Dawson seems to pronounce it a little differently: /BAHT-luh/.

>  2. Korskorie: Creatures that live in the river of blood and try to draw
>     the dead to jump overboard.


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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