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'oghwI' wrote:
: > De'WI'ghom'a' Daq Qapbe'pu'.
: > 
: > I used DloraH's word for Internet.
: > This should say something along the lines of:
: > Internet Site is not functioning.

  Qapbe' De'wI'ghom'a' Daq.

Remember: OVS word order.  Also, a Type 7 aspect suffix isn't really
for this simple statement.  If the site is not functioning at the time you
write, the perfective {-pu'} is inappropriate since the state of not
functioning isn't yet completed.  You might use {-taH} if the site has
out of order for some time and you wanted to emphasize that fact -
{Qapbe'taH} "still not functioning" - but I think it sounds better without
it.  Chacun a son gout.
da laffin tlhIngan:
: How about QumDe'wI' (information communicator)? That, at least, shows
: the *intended* function of the Net, qar'a'? 

Careful of the order of elements when you're gluing words together:

  De' QumwI'  information communicator
  Qum De'wI'  communications computer (used in the BoP poster)

But isn't "information communicator" the function of all computers?  

I rather like someone's (I don't remember who) facetious suggestion of
{'evnagh} "subspace".  Seriously, I like to get away from "Internet" - an
(inter)national network of local/regional computer networks - since we
don't really have a good word for "network", which is something more
complex than a group {ghom}, and use the term "cyberspace" *{De'logh} (?).

So an Internet site could be *{De'logh Daq}.

We really ought to ask Maltz to explain Klingon computers to us,
considering how dependent we are on them here on a computer mailing list. 
He was a science officer, after all, and we all know how much they like to
talk about their computers!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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