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ja' Voragh:
>Seriously, I like to get away from "Internet" - an
>(inter)national network of local/regional computer networks - since we
>don't really have a good word for "network", which is something more
>complex than a group {ghom}, and use the term "cyberspace" *{De'logh} (?).

We do have the noun {DaH} "bank, array" to describe something more than a
simple group.

I tend to use {De'qo'} for "cyberspace".  {logh} is specifically "outer"
space, according to the commentary on page 33 of The Klingon Way.

>So an Internet site could be *{De'logh Daq}.

>We really ought to ask Maltz to explain Klingon computers to us,
>considering how dependent we are on them here on a computer mailing list.
>He was a science officer, after all, and we all know how much they like to
>talk about their computers!

I don't much care about Klingon computers -- I generally find myself more
often wanting to talk about present-day terrestrial ones. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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