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ghItlh  voragh: 
> I rather like someone's (I don't remember who) facetious suggestion of
> {'evnagh} "subspace".  Seriously, I like to get away from "Internet" - an
> (inter)national network of local/regional computer networks - since we
> don't really have a good word for "network", which is something more
> complex than a group {ghom}, and use the term "cyberspace" *{De'logh} (?).
If only Klingon had a collective plural marker.

> We really ought to ask Maltz to explain Klingon computers to us,
> considering how dependent we are on them here on a computer mailing list. 
> He was a science officer, after all, and we all know how much they like to
> talk about their computers!

Knowing Klingons, they probably built in the same multiple redundancies
that make Klingon physiology so unique. Personnaly, if given the choice
between two computer systems, Federation and Klingon, I'd choose the
latter; more rugged design and less prone to "energy surges" that seem to
plague Federation ships.

Query: does Klingon have a word/phrase meaning "fishing net" or "woven
cloth/material"? Such words/phrases would go a long way towards describing
computer networks.


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