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RE: KLBC: taH lut

ja' pagh:
>The last bit is interesting. The only example of <'el> in canon that I can
>think of is <HIq DatlhutlhmeH, tachDaq yI'el>. This suggests that the place
>one enters is not the object of <'el>. As a result, I'd go with:
>.. Qe'Daq wIwIvbogh ma'el.
>This may be a little controversial as well ...

It's controversial, but it's also completely unnecessary.

TKW page 181:  {HIq DaSammeH tach yI'el.}  "To find ale, go into a bar."
This was the example that showed us that {'el} *does* have the place one
enters as its object.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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