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Re: More qachQeD

quljIb wrote:

: Damn that dyslexia! Though it bring's up an interesting point. Do 
: Klingons used the same euphamism for high placed Authorities that the 
: Egyptians used: i.e. do they refer to the House when in actuality is the
: Person they're are talking about. (We still use this today, White
: House:President :: Pharoh:Egyptian ruler.)

{tlhIngan vaS'a'} "Klingon Great Hall" may well be understood in this sense.

  "On the Homeworld, there is a great hall where the leaders of the
  Klingon High Council meet to determine policy and decide upon the
  fate of the Empire. Gowron currently presides, named leader of the
  High Council by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was acting as Arbiter
  of Succession." (SkyBox card S25)

For all we know the Great Hall {vaS'a'} in the First City {veng wa'DIch} may
have been the seat of the emperors and their council {yej}.  During the 300
year interregnum ending with the accession of Kahless II (the clone), this
Council {yejquv} probably continued to rule in the ancient seat of power
with a
chancellor {Qang}, also known as the Leader of the High Council {yejquv
DevwI'}, acting as de facto regent in the emperor's absence.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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