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RE: KLBC: taH lut

jatlh runa:

> ngabpa' mara, qaS wanI'meyvam.
> (These things happened before Mara disappeared.)


> 1. paq vIje'meH 'ej jupwI' mara vIleghmeH veng wa'DIch vIleng.
> (I travelled to First City to buy books and to see my friend Mara.)

<legh> probably does not work for this kind of "see". Go with <ghom>

> 2. paq vIje'ta' maSoPmeH Qe' wIwIvbogh wI'el.
> (After I bought my books we went to eat in the restaurant we had chosen.)

vIje'ta'DI' DaghItlh 'e' DaHech, qar'a'? Also, you have a little typo in

The last bit is interesting. The only example of <'el> in canon that I can
think of is <HIq DatlhutlhmeH, tachDaq yI'el>. This suggests that the place
one enters is not the object of <'el>. As a result, I'd go with:

... Qe'Daq wIwIvbogh ma'el.

This may be a little controversial as well ...

> 3. raS retlhDaq quSDaq maba'DI' <nuq Soj boneH DaH HIja'> jatlh jabwI'.
> (As soon as we sat down in chairs next to the table the waitress said
> do you want and be quick about it.")

Another bit of controversy. There is no evidence that we can use <nuq> like
this. charghwI' would call it a relative pronoun. We know that we can say
<nuq boneH>, but we don't really know what (if anything) <nuq Soj boneH>
means. As a result, I'd just rephrase the whole quote:

DaH Sojraj yIwIv

You could add a <yIruch> if you wanted to emphasize the "be quick about it".

> 4.  mamoD wIneHmo' SIbI' wIjang.  <qagh baqghol je> wIjatlh.
> (Because we were in a hurry we responded immediately, "gagh and bahgol.")

majatlh. Qoutes are not objects of verbs.

> 5.  wa' qagh SopDI' mara 'ej wa' Hivje' baqghol tlhutlhDI' 
> pay' jach ghaH:
> (Mara took one bite of the gagh and one drink of the bahgol 
> and suddenly shouted:)

<wa' qagh> and <wa' HIvje' baqghol> (note typo) do not really work for "one
bite" and "one sip". This is a pretty difficult thing to say in Klingon, and
I would again suggest rephrasing:

qagh SopchoHpu'DI' mara 'ej baqghol tlhutlhchoHpu'DI', SIbI' jach:

The <SIbI'> conveys the notion that it was right after she started eating
and drinking.

> 6.  <ghuy'cha' Ha'DIbaH. qagh Qop, baghol bIr.  'up 'ej 'up,> jatlh.
> ("%@$&@! Dead gagh and cold bahgol.  Disgusting and disgusting," 
> she said.)

The first two sentences are not complete sentences, but that is perfectly
OK. It sounds fine.

> 7. <DapollaH pagh DapolHa'laH> jatlh jabwI'.
> ("What do I care?" said the waitress.)


> 8.  <qablIj HI'ang> jatlhpa' mara, Do' SuvchoH cha' SuvwI'
> (Before Mara could challenge her to a duel luckily two warriors who were
> arguing began to fight.)

qatlh Do'? vay' quvHa'lu'chugh, SuvnISba'....

> 9.  Quchqu' jIH.  Mara yoH law' jIH yoH puS.  nom Qe'vo' mara vIyuv.
> (Boy was I glad.  I'm not so brave as she is.  Quickly I pushed Mara 
> out of the restaurant.)

<jIQuchqu' jIH> Dalo' 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?

Overall, very nice. Continue.

Beginners' Grammarian

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