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Re: tlhIngan wo' Dujmey

> If we assume that things in the "real" universe have counterparts in the
> Mirror Universe, then there is the huge battleship Negh'Var, which was 
> the Regent's flagship. It may be that there is a Negh'Var in the "real" 
> universe in drydock somewhere reserved for the emperor or in development.  
> I believe we saw another ship of this class 25 years after the events of 
> TNG in "All Good Things..." patrolling recently conquered Romulan space.

: I just recieved my Star Trek Magazine:Issue #2 which features data on
: Klingons. Turns out the Negh'Var *does* exist in the "real universe" and
: is now the flagship of the Empire, replacing the Vor'cha in this duty.
: Like the experimental USS Prometheus, the Negh'Var has 2 M/A warp cores
: and 4 naceles giving it unpresidented speed and range. 

latlh 'u'Daq loS HanDogh ghaj'a' neghvar may'Duj?  'e' vIqawbe'.
(Did the Mirror Universe Negh'Var have four nacelles?  I don't remember.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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