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RE: KLBC: mu'tlheghwIj DalaD'a'

jatlh runa:

> wej vIqonbogh lut DalughchoHbe'.

Remember your sentence order: <lut vIqonbogh>. Also, I think you want
<lughmoH> rather than <lughchoH>, and since you have <wej>, you don't need
the <-be'>.

> mu'tlheghwIj DalaD'a'.
> veng wa'Dich vIleng 'e' vIgitlh.

Spelling: <I>.

> (You haven't yet corrected the story I wrote.  
> Did you read my sentences?
> I type out "I travelled to First City".)

> lut vIqontaH:  (the story continues...)

> 1.  After I got out the door I noticed that Mara was nowhere in sight.
> lojmItvo' jIqetDI' ngablaw' mara.

maj. It would probably be better with a <-pu'> on the <ngab>: Mara
disappeared before you got out the door.

> 2.  "Are you here?" I called out, but she didn't answer.
> nadev SoH'a' jIjach 'ach mujangbe'.
> [what is the d.o. with verbs of saying?]

Our new understanding (thanks to the December HolQeD) is that the verbs of
speech are <jatlh>, <ja'>, and possibly a (very) few others. <jach> is
specifically not included. The quotation can go before or after the verb of
speech. As a result, you would say something like this:

jIjach. jIjatlh <naDev SoH'a'>. 'ach mujangbe'.

> 3.  I was still carrying all my books I had bought.
> paq vIje'bogh hoch vIqengtaH.  
> [should the -bogh phrase go before paq?]

Try to think of a <-bogh> clause (or <-meH> or most other type 9 suffixed
verbs for that matter) as a whole sentence all by itself. The sentence in
this case is "I bought all the books". The one tricky thing here is the use
of <Hoch>. Okrand has explained to us (I don't remember where) that the
meaning of <Hoch> changes a bit depending on whether the noun that follows
has a plural suffix or not. If it does, it means "all of". Without a plural
suffix, it's "each one of". The one you want is <Hoch paqmey>, so the
<-bogh> clause becomes <Hoch paqmey vIje'bogh>.

> That's enough for now.


Beginners' Grammarian

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