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Yet another X-Files translation - at least the first part...

<You may remember how I translated some X-Files phrases into Klingon. Well 
now I'm trying a whole script. I found a transcript of an episode, the 
season 4 premiere, and have translated it. Why I did I have no idea, but I 
did have a lot of free time. I kept the action parts there to help with the 
context, and comments by me are in <>'s. I did not translate the actions, 
because I figure I'm just making subtitles for the speech :).This is a big 
file, and I'm not going to post it all at once, because I'm sure the list 
mail server would have a field day and most of you probably don't want to 
wade through a 35K+ file. So I'll do it in sections.>

4.1  Herrenvolk
<This is the episode title: "Herrenvolk" is German for master race>
(Segh nIv)

Part 2 of 2


(A van pulls up to a pole in the middle of nowhere. The repairman gets
out of his van and attaches two special additions to his boots, two
spikes on the insides. He then clips a strap onto a clamp on one side
of him, then throws the strap around the tree and clamps it on the
other side. Digging the spikes into the wood, he makes his way up the
pole, using the strap for support. He opens up the box on top and
starts using a screwdriver when a bee approaches him. He goes to
swat it away, but it comes back. He tries to swat it again.)

REPAIRMAN: Get away.
(jIHvo' yIghos.)

(The bee lands on his neck and stings him.)

Oh, damn it!
<In the Addendum to TKD, Marc includes this as a "general invective", a 
shortened form of Qu'vatlh>

(He smacks the bee and it falls down to the ground, laying on its back
and buzzing wildly. Five boys walk up to the pole. Five identical
boys. The repairman acknowledges their presence but doesn't look
directly at them.)

A bee stung me, ay?
(mu'aw'pu' *bee*.)

(He looks at them and sees that they are identical.)

Well, now... don't you all take the cake?
(toH...Sule'qu', qar'a'?)

(He chuckles.)

Does your mom ever mix you up?
(SoSra' bomISmoH'a'?.)

(The boys don't answer. He laughs to himself, then gets cottonmouth,
He starts to gag and choke, clutching his throat. The boys step back
as the man shakes violently, jarring loose the spikes and straps. He
falls, screaming, then rolls over on his back. The boys walk over to
him as his last breath escapes him. One of the boys nudges his head
with his foot, then the boys head back in the direction that they came

<That was the opening teaser, by the way.>

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