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KLBC: mu'tlheghwIj DalaD'a'

wej vIqonbogh lut DalughchoHbe'.   mu'tlheghwIj DalaD'a'.
veng wa'Dich vIleng 'e' vIgitlh.

(You haven't yet corrected the story I wrote.  Did you read my sentences?
I type out "I travelled to First City".)

lut vIqontaH:  (the story continues...)

1.  After I got out the door I noticed that Mara was nowhere in sight.

lojmItvo' jIqetDI' ngablaw' mara.

2.  "Are you here?" I called out, but she didn't answer.

nadev SoH'a' jIjach 'ach mujangbe'.  [what is the d.o. with verbs of saying?]

3.  I was still carrying all my books I had bought.

paq vIje'bogh hoch vIqengtaH.  [should the -bogh phrase go before paq?]

That's enough for now.


The Z-Phials: "The Truth Is Right Here"

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