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Re: KLBC challenge

> > ghoch lIjlu'chugh, nuqDaq lenglu'?
> You should hardly consider yourself to be a beginner... but, in
> reply:
mu'tay' qellu'chugh, jIqeqnISbej...

> ghoch DapoQbe'. 
You don't need a destination.

> batlh He yIghoS neH. 
Just follow the path with honour.

> Dat batlh 'oH 'ach DaSamnIS.
(assuming it was supposed to be <<Dat 'oH batlh'e'>>)
Honour is everywhere, but you've got to look for it
and you'll find it.

(See, it's not at all easy for me to translate <<Sam>> here...)

*nowhere* Damugh 'e' vItul :)

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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