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Re: KLBC challenge

> ghoch lIjlu'chugh, nuqDaq lenglu'?
: ghoch DapoQbe'. batlh He yIghoS neH. Dat batlh 'oH 'ach DaSamnIS.

Shouldn't that be: {Dat 'oHtaH batlh'e'} "honor is everywhere"?  Even if it
weren't an equational sentence, {-taH} "continuous" nicely reinforces {Dat}
"everywhere".  Hmmm... or is {Dat batlh 'oH} supposed to mean, "it (either
{ghoch} or {He}) is honorably everywhere"?

BTW: Not that a BG {'utlh} needs reminding, but the difference between {'oH}
vs. {'oHtaH} is beautifully illustrated in SkyBox S27 - a good, simple
to show beginners:

  pa' 'oHtaH vaS'a''e'.  tlhIngan qum waw' 'oH. 
  This is where the Klingon Great Hall is located, the center of
   the Klingon government. S27

Hey, you wanted comments!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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