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Re: KLBC challenge

> Dat batlh 'oH 'ach DaSamnIS.

: (assuming it was supposed to be <<Dat 'oH batlh'e'>>)
: Honour is everywhere, but you've got to look for it
: and you'll find it.
: (See, it's not at all easy for me to translate <<Sam>> here...)

"... but you've got to find it."  The idea of "seek" is implied.  Compare:

  HaqwI''e' DaH yISam
  Find the SURGEON now! TKD

  Qel vISamnIS.
  I need to find a doctor. CK

English "find" also means "to come upon by accident" - {tu'} "discover, find"
in Klingon - which HomDoq was trying to avoid in his translation:

  reH HIvje'lIjDaq 'Iwghargh Datu'jaj!
  May you always find a bloodworm in your glass! PK

I.e. may you find it by happy accident, you should be so lucky.  But how {Sam}
is different from {tu'} in:
  QumwI'wIj vItu'laHbe'
  I can't find my communicator. TKD

is beyond me.  Presumably the speaker is actively looking for his
so why doesn't he say {Sam}?  Perhaps he's just glancing around cursorily, but
hasn't started to seriously "seek and find" it yet.

: *nowhere* Damugh 'e' vItul :)

I could find no example of "nowhere" used in canon.  Lacking a specific word,
try {vogh} "somewhere, someplace":
  vogh vItu'laH
  I can find it somewhere.
  vogh vItu'laHbe'
  I can't find it anywhere. (colloq.: "I can't find it nowhere.")
  vogh tu'lu'be'
  It is nowhere to be found.  (lit. "It is not located somewhere.")

As we've long known, in Klingon the focus is on the verb.  Although {-be'} is
attached to the verb, it generally seems to negate the entire utterance, which
in English is sometimes signalled by a change in the adverb from
"somewhere" to
"nowhere".  We shouldn't really expect Klingon to have an exact set of
adverbs to English, even if we were to have a full and complete list.  Some
be more inclusive than ours (e.g. {pagh} and {vay'}), some surely make much
finer distinctions.
This is one for Maltz.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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