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Re: KLBC challenge

On 29-Jun-99, William H. Martin wrote:

>Ask me a question. In Klingon. If you think this assignment is 
>too easy, then make it an inventive question. If you think this 
>is too hard, make it a simple one.

First to lay a little groundwork.
pa'DajDaq tlhIngan SuvwI'. 
lojmItDaq muplu' pagh wab chenmoHmeH lojmIt 'In chu'lu'.
'em lojmItDaq 'Iv leghlaHbe' SuvwI'.

The question.
nuq jach SuvwI'?
"yI'el", "pe'el", "'el" ghap jach'a'?
"yI'ngu''egh", "pe'ngu''egh", "ngu'" ghap jach'a'?
"yIDuv wa' 'ej SoH ghovmojpu'" jach'a'?

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