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Re: Translation

ja' ter'eS:
>>Something like:  navDaq QoQ ghItlhlu'pu'bogh.
>"The paper on which is inscribed music" = "the ship in which I fled"?
>{tlhoS}, but no cigar.

Why would you read it that way except to shoot it down?  It's pretty
obvious to me that he intended it as "music which one has written on
paper".  But I too think it's flawed, since {ghItlh} properly means
"write *upon*", and {QoQ} wouldn't be its object.  A simple change of
verb fixes that, however:

navDaq QoQ qonlu'pu'bogh -- "music which has been recorded on paper"

That said, I think I like {QoQ ghItlh} "music manuscript" best.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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