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Re: love

ja' qultoQ:
>>...I found a Klingon word for the English noun "love":
>>"bang". But I did not find one for the verb "to love". Is there anyone
>who can help me?
>well, pound to a pence, its pr'y /bang/, as many tlhIngan Hol verbs and
>nouns are the same or similar...

Excuse my bluntness, but...WRONG!!  There is no verb meaning "love" in the
known tlhIngan Hol lexicon.  There are many other ways to express the idea
more precisely than the vague English word "love" is capable of:  {SaH},
{Qorgh}, {neH}, {tlho'}, {parHa'qu'}, etc.

Noticing the common pairing of identically-pronounced nouns and verbs and
expanding it to be able to use *any* noun as a verb or vice versa is just
asking for trouble.  Some pairs are non-obvious to begin with:  {bep} is
a verb "complain" and a noun "agony".  The verb {choS} "desert" doesn't
seem to have *anything* to do with the noun {choS} "twilight", either.
Unless the word has a known and accepted meaning, there's no guarantee it
will be understood.  What would the hypothetical noun {vIH} mean, or the
hypothetical verb {nav}?  Please don't answer -- such speculation is not

>but don' take me for certain...

Certainly don't take him. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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