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Re: Fwd: RE: Translation

>jatlh HoD Qanqor:
> Just off the top of my head, how about QoQ ghItlh.  
>ghItlh as a noun is, as I recall, "manuscript", 
>and we know that the verb very definitely has the connotation of
>written-down (as opposed to just composed).  
>Now, here too there might be a slight ambiguity,
>because on its own, 
>one might be inclined to think of QoQ ghItlh as maybe
>being the full score (assuming some large, orchestral piece) 
>as opposed to the sheet music for an individual player.
>Another shot in the dark:  QoQ nab.  But again, the same problems.
>The truth is, this is just a tough one.  We don't have a word for
>it, and trying to come up with a descriptive phrase leads to the
>"hindsight" pitfall.  Maybe the safest route is to really go for
>a descriptive phrase rather than a translation, so that at least
>what you get is (relatively) unambiguous, even if it is long and
>Something like:  navDaq QoQ ghItlhlu'pu'bogh.

"The paper on which is inscribed music" = "the ship in which I fled"?
{tlhoS}, but no cigar.

-- ter'eS

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