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Re: In need of a helping grope (sic)

On 01-Jun-99, Carleton Copeland wrote:

Please no more, most can be gleaned from the archives.


>  Here are some of
>the /mu'mey/ that elude me, with translations and a few hesitant guesses as
>the hidden funny:

>'egh = third tone of a nondiatonic musical scale
a name I call myself... 

>'ey = to be delicious
maybe exlamation of satisfaction

>'uH = have a hangover (sound made by someone with a hangover?)
sounds good to me

>bIm = second tone of a nondiatonic musical scale 
a drop of golden sun...

>ghIgh = necklace 
also assignment/duty/task (slang)  = weight around neck?

>HI'tuy = dictatorship

>HIp = uniform (uniforms are hip?)
>Hum = be sticky (bees hum, honey is sticky?)
gum too?

>jeqqIj = club, bludgeon

>jey'naS = double-headed ax
from Janus - terran god said to be two headed/faced

>lab = transmit data away from a place
lob, to throw something?

>pep = raise (pep up?)
thats what I thought

>ya = tactical officer
Tasha Yar?

>yu = first tone of a nondiatonic musical scale
a sheep a female sheep 

(and people wondered why Marc Okrand said he feared for his life...)

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