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Re: love

Benedikt Eger schrieb:

> Hello,
> I have a question concerning the German translation of The Klingon
> Dictionary: I found a Klingon word for the English noun "love": "bang". But I did
> not find one for the verb "to love". Is there anyone who can help me?
No. :-)

But I'd like to use this occasion to promote my website Levinius! again.

I have a complete list of all the errors that are found in "Das
Offiziele Wörterbuch" (German TKD, DOW.) There are just too many in it,
and I do not want you to start learning wrong words.
For the list of errors, go to then choose your
language, go to "klingon(isch)" and then click on "Errors in DOW."

Of course there's a lot of other interesting stuff there!  }}:-)

Quvar muHwI'
   aka Lieven L. Litaer, Germany.

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