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In need of a helping grope (sic)

mu' qIDmeymo puQbogh laDwI'pu'vaD jItlhIj!

I continue to lose sleep over Okrand's puns.  Earlier this year charghwI' posted a list of "puns or other funny words" and challenged readers to puzzle them out (/cgi-bin/mfs/1999/Apr99/0239.html?107#mfs).  Ok, I've been puzzling for days, and this can't go on.  Would anyone, including the pos(t)er himself, care to give a me a helping /ghop/?  Here are some of the /mu'mey/ that elude me, with translations and a few hesitant guesses as to the hidden funny:

'aqtu' = proper name from an opera
'egh = third tone of a nondiatonic musical scale
'ey = to be delicious
'uH = have a hangover (sound made by someone with a hangover?)
'um = be qualified
'uy' = million
bach = shoot, shot
baqghol = sake-like drink
be' = woman, not (to be or not to be?)
beb = roof
bech = suffer
bey = display
bIm = second tone of a nondiatonic musical scale 
buD = be lazy
DoS = target
gha'tlhIq = Ode of Respect
ghab = meat from the midsection of an animal without bones (gobs of meat?)
ghIgh = necklace 
ghol = opponent, adversary
ghuS = be prepared, ready to launch
Hem = be proud
HI'tuy = dictatorship
HIp = uniform (uniforms are hip?)
Hum = be sticky (bees hum, honey is sticky?)
jat = tongue (chat?)
jeqqIj = club, bludgeon
jey'naS = double-headed ax
jIv = be ignorant (jive is ignorant talk?)
lab = transmit data away from a place
leSpal = type of stringed instrument
lot = catastrophe
luH = yank
meSchuS = large wind instrument (shape of Massachusetts?)
moD = hurry (modern life is hurried?)
mon = capital
mun = intervene
nol = funeral
peng = torpedo
pep = raise (pep up?)
qoch = partner (your coach is your partner?)
QaD = be dry (cardboard?)
Qul = research (cull?)
rewbe' = citizen
Sab = decline, deteriorate
Sap = volunteer (volunteers are saps?)
Separ = a type of gemstone (sapphire?)
SID = patient
Sup = jump, resource (supplies?)
tul = hope
tum = agency
wejpuH = charming
ya = tactical officer
yergho = wall of a city
yIntagh = epithet
yoq = humanoid
yu = first tone of a nondiatonic musical scale

QInwIj bojangDI' tuquvmoH!


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