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Re: In need of a helping grope (sic)

Carleton Copeland schrieb:
> 'ey = to be delicious
Hey! This tastes good!

> 'uH = have a hangover (sound made by someone with a hangover?)
'uH!! I feel bad!

> be' = woman, not (to be or not to be?)

> jey'naS = double-headed ax
Janus, an old mythological person with two faces. By the way, the month
"january" can look at both the old year and the new year, that name also
comes from Janus!

> leSpal = type of stringed instrument
A musician: Les Paul (did I spell it right?)

> moD = hurry (modern life is hurried?)
You know the group "Depeche Mode"? In french, "to hurry" is "depecher".

> peng = torpedo
Yes, peng!

> Sab = decline, deteriorate
A swedish car-company. Ever seen a Saab?

> yergho = wall of a city
Israelian city of Jericho.

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