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jatlh pI'lo:

> jIQongnIS.  jIQonglaHbe'.  
> [DaH yIQongchoH!] jIja''egh.  jIrop.
> jaghwIj 'oHchoH *fireweed.
> ghIchwIj vISeHlaHbe'.


> [bIjortaH yImevqu'!] ghIchwIj vIja'.

This should be <bIjortaH 'e' yImevqu'!>. Don't forget the <'e'>.

> qabwIjvo' ghIchvam vIteq vIneH.


> mubuy' ghIch Hut.  tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.

<buy'> is a verb meaning "be full". What you want is <teb> - "fill". Marc
Okrand has said, relating to food, that <buy'> (and presumably <teb>) apply
to the stomach, not the person, so <nachwIj teb> might better than <muteb>,
but in this case you may well feel like your whole body is being invaded and
that <muteb> describes that. Also, I am pretty sure you want <HuH> rather
than <Hut>.

> (I wanted to combine the last 2 sentences but couldn't figure 
> how, to use [mubot] as the main verb with [ghIch Hut] as the 
> subject. I figured I'd have to use a type 9 suffix to combine 
> it to [tlhoS jItlhuHlahbe'] would -bogh or -meH be better? 

> (I've read TKD 6.2.4 forwards, backward and scrutinized it for
> hidden messages. I truely believe demons have sucked away my 
> ability to understand purpose clauses.)

It's actually fine as two sentences, but if you want to make it one, you
can. The suffix you need is in TKD, but it is in the appendix on page 175
(unless you have the old, first edition blue cover TKD). There is a type
nine verb suffix <-mo'> which means "because, due to", just like it's noun

mutebmo' ghIch HuH tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.

laHlIj DaDubchu'lI' jay'! tlhoS jIHarlaHbe'! Qov Darurlaw'.

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