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Welcome to the list. You've obviously seen the whole KLBC spiel already, so
I will spare you (and everyone else) a repeat.

jatlh Mog Deathlover:


TV vIbej vIneH. <nuqneH> basically means "whaddya want?", so while it is the
"only" Klingon greeting, it is probably not the best thing to say when
walking up to someone. This brings up the question of what should you say -
we already know that there really are no other greetings, so if <nuqneH>
doesn't work, what does? The best, most polite thing you can do is to just
say what you want to say. Klingons, unlike most humans, value directness
over the pleasantries included in most human speech.

> Daj, wa' cha' wej
> Daj.

jabbI'IDlIj wIHevpu'mo', bIDaj DaH 'e' DamevlaH.  {{:-)

We have received your message, so you don't need to test anymore.

> -=QAPLA!!!'=-


Also, it's not a good idea to use ALL CAPS for emphasis in Klingon. Unlike
English and most other Western languages, the writing system we use for
Klingon uses case to distinguish symbols, and the case never changes. The
symbols <q> and <Q>, for example, are different sounds, and the symbols <P>
and <L> are just not part of the writing system.

Beginners' Grammarian

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