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jIQongnIS.  jIQonglaHbe'.  [DaH yIQongchoH!] jIja''egh.  jIrop.

jaghwIj 'oHchoH *fireweed.

ghIchwIj vISeHlaHbe'.  [bIjortaH yImevqu'!] ghIchwIj vIja'.

qabwIjvo' ghIchvam vIteq vIneH.

mubuy' ghIch Hut.  tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.
(I wanted to combine the last 2 sentences but couldn't figure how, to use
[mubot] as the main verb with [ghIch Hut] as the subject. I figured I'd have to
use a type 9 suffix to combine it to [tlhoS jItlhuHlahbe'] would -bogh or -meH
be better? (I've read TKD 6.2.4 forwards, backward and scrutinized it for
hidden messages. I truely believe demons have sucked away my ability to
understand purpose clauses.)

pI'lo a.k.a. Pillow
*fireweed is tall, spire-like, bright purple and grows wild in Alaska. It's a
harbinger of the end of summer.

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