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> > [bIjortaH yImevqu'!] ghIchwIj vIja'.
> This should be <bIjortaH 'e' yImevqu'!>. Don't forget the <'e'>.

Ooops.   choqawmaHmo', qatlho'

> > qabwIjvo' ghIchvam vIteq vIneH.
> 'aw'!

Stings? ghobe'. itches like    nachwIjDaq mI'law'taH ghewmey!
ghobe'.   what I meant to say is:  vetlhvetlh  ngaS nachwIj.

> > mubuy' ghIch Hut.  tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.
> <buy'> is a verb meaning "be full". What you want is <teb> - "fill". Marc
> Okrand has said, relating to food, that <buy'> (and presumably <teb>) apply
> to the stomach, not the person, so <nachwIj teb> might better than <muteb>,
> but in this case you may well feel like your whole body is being invaded and
> that <muteb> describes that. Also, I am pretty sure you want <HuH> rather
> than <Hut>.

yeah, HuH. But maybe it's nine kinds of Hell in that  vuSHa'  Hal.
allergy is not systemic like a virus. How do you express the concept of an
I was toying with something using   < nga'chuqchoHmoH  tI > but it seemed too

> > (I wanted to combine the last 2 sentences but couldn't figure
> > how, to use [mubot] as the main verb with [ghIch Hut] as the
> > subject. I figured I'd have to use a type 9 suffix to combine
> > it to [tlhoS jItlhuHlahbe'] would -bogh or -meH be better?
> > (I've read TKD 6.2.4 forwards, backward and scrutinized it for
> > hidden messages. I truely believe demons have sucked away my
> > ability to understand purpose clauses.)
> It's actually fine as two sentences, but if you want to make it one, you
> can. The suffix you need is in TKD, but it is in the appendix on page 175
> (unless you have the old, first edition blue cover TKD). There is a type
> nine verb suffix <-mo'> which means "because, due to", just like it's noun
> counterpart.
> mutebmo' ghIch HuH tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.
> laHlIj DaDubchu'lI' jay'! tlhoS jIHarlaHbe'! Qov Darurlaw'.

Golly, Mr. pagh, I think you've overestimated me, but I'm mightily flattered.
Besides, she's much taller than I am. }};-)     Pillow

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