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> > mubuy' ghIch HuH.  tlhoS jItlhuHlaHbe'.
> <buy'> is a verb meaning "be full". What you want is <teb> - "fill". Marc
> Okrand has said, relating to food, that <buy'> (and presumably <teb>) apply
> to the stomach, not the person, so <nachwIj teb> might better than <muteb>,
> but in this case you may well feel like your whole body is being invaded and
> that <muteb> describes that.

burghwIj  teb qagh = worms fill my stomach.
would this work?    My stomach is full of worms - qagh  buy'mo' burghwIj.
would I have to say?     qagh vISopmo' buy' burghwIj.
or would it have to be?    qagh vISop 'e' buy' burghwIj.
or:     qagh vISopmo' 'e' buy' burghwIj.

I'm just curious how to express more about the subject being in a certain state
than something doing/causing something to the subject.
all this talk of worms is making me hungry.   pI'lo

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