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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

jatlh T'Lod

>In a message dated 7/23/99 9:29:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< The problem is just what "those verbs" are. Okrand discussed this issue
>HolQeD interview and he gave examples only for a few verbs. I'm sure that
>{jaH} and {ghoS} work that way, but I don't have that interview (and
>couldn't find anything in the list's archives, either) and thus can't tell
>you what else he discussed. For some of those motion verbs we still have no
>clarification as for how to do the locative. >>
>It was in HolQeD Vol 7 Numb 4.  I highly recommend getting it.

No credit card.

>The verbs I
>know acting in the way you described are chegh, jaH, ghoS, vIH, paw, and

Are you sure? I've found some debates in the list's archives about this
topic, and they seem to say that {jaH}, {ghoS} and {leng} are the verbs that
work this way. {vIH}, {paw} and {chegh} seem to have not been mentioned to
work this way. And Okrand clearly stated that there is no general rule for

-- temporary BG

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