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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

In a message dated 7/24/99 12:44:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< >The verbs I
 >know acting in the way you described are chegh, jaH, ghoS, vIH, paw, and
 Are you sure? I've found some debates in the list's archives about this
 topic, and they seem to say that {jaH}, {ghoS} and {leng} are the verbs that
 work this way. {vIH}, {paw} and {chegh} seem to have not been mentioned to
 work this way. And Okrand clearly stated that there is no general rule for
 -- temporary BG

Just recently on the Newsgroup, I found a discussion on chegh when Okrand was 
discussing ghoS and jaH - 
>And since I don't have the interview with me, was {chegh}
"return" one of
>those verbs that acts like {ghoS} and {jaH} in terms of
having the locative
>suffix optional on the direct object, or is it more like
{Hop} and {Sum}
>with assumptions made about relating the speaker with the
place returned

{chegh} "return" seems to work like this:

lupDujHomDaq jIchegh    "I return on the shuttle."

lupDujHom vIchegh       "I return to the shuttle."

lupDujHomDaq may'Duj vIchegh  "I return to the battle
cruiser on the shuttle"

tera'vo' Qo'noS vIchegh  "I return to Kronos from Earth"

({lupDujHom} "shuttle," {-Daq} "locative suffix," {jIchegh}
"I return" consisting of {jI-} "I" [no object] plus {chegh}
"return"; {vIchegh} "I return to" consisting of {vI-} "I
[do something to] it" plus {chegh} "return [to]"; {may'Duj}
"battle cruiser"; {tera'} "Earth," {-vo'} "from", {Qo'noS}

Note that {chegh} "return" means "return to a place"; the
place being returned to is the object of the verb.  If the
place being returned to is not mentioned (as in, for
example, the first sentence above, "I return on the
shuttle"), the verb takes a prefix indicating "no object"
(here {jI-}). If the place being returned to is mentioned
(as in the final three sentences), the verb takes a
pronominal prefix that indicates the object ({vI-} in the

(Direct quote)
paw and vIH I am unsure about, and I will stay away from  any misuse of them 
until their position is clarified, but ghoS, jaH, leng, and chegh all work in 
basically the same way.


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