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Re: Hello !

Miguel Angel Ruiz wrote:

>Thanks Christiane for your welcome, itīs nice
>but ... I havenīt get the TKD still, where can I pick up it? I donīt know

See the KLI's Merchandise page. You can get it from there if you have a
credit card. If you don't have one, ask your local bookstore if they can
order it for you. The ISBN is 0-671-74559-X. The ISBN for Kligon for the
Galactic Traveller is 0-671-00995-8

>Now I have live in Spain and here, in this city ( Huelva ) anyone know
>about KLI

Cool. I think you are the first Spaniard on this list. maSachDI' reH QaQ
ghu' - It's always good when we expand!

-- temporary BG

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