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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

ja' T'Lod:

> It was in HolQeD Vol 7 Numb 4.  I highly recommend getting it.  The verbs I
> know acting in the way you described are chegh, jaH, ghoS, vIH, paw, and
> leng.  They already have the locative concept built into them, and as such,
> need not have the -Daq on the objects. When they are used with prefixes
> without objects, the -Daq on the noun indicates where you do stuff.  With an
> object indicating prefix, it tells movement toward or away from a place.  In
> general, the following sentences are alright.
> bIQtIqDaq jIleng - I travel in the river.
> bIQtIq(Daq) vIleng - I travel to the river.
> juHDaq jIjaH - I go in my home.
> juH(Daq) vIjaH - I go home.
> Qo'noSDaq jIghoS - I proceed on Kronos.
> Qo'noS(Daq) vIghoS - I proceed to Kronos.
> DujDaq jIpaw - I arrive on the ship.
> Duj(Daq) vIpaw - I arrive at the ship.
> I can't think of anything for vIH, but I recall seeing it in the KLI archives
> being one of these motion verbs.  I actually think it's a pretty cool way to
> express some ideas, especially if one is ambitious enough to translate some
> sci-fi flicks into Klingon :P

It is cool!  I like having all these little tools to work with.  It makes
tlhIngan seem more like a natural langauge.  Thanks for this post.  I'm gonna
print it out and use it to study so I can get the hang of this locative stuff.
By the way, I like your e-mail address!  :)

> T'Lod
> PS - anyone who doesn't get teh whole -ghach thing, get HolQeD 3.3 - it
> clears it right up!

I spent a good deal of time trying to figure that bugger out too!


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