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Re: Dealing with email overload (was Re: KLBC)

> >Might somone sugest a nice free email place, the acount sysadmins are
> >getting urked at the sheer amount of e-mail I'm getting from tlhingan-hol.
> If it's only the incoming tlhIngan-Hol mail that's a problem, there are a
> couple of ready solutions.  One is to subscribe to the list in digest form
> in order to get all the day's posts in one big chunk (or several big chunks,
> depending on traffic).  The other is not to subscribe to the list at all,
> and just read the archives as they appear on the web site.
> See the list's "welcome" message for instructions on using digest mode.  If
> you don't have that message anymore (shame on you!), read the FAQ.
> The list's messages are archived at /tlhIngan-Hol/ under
> an extremely intuitive directlry structure with the current month's posts
> always at /tlhIngan-Hol/current/ for your convenience.
> --
>   Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
>     proud member of the Klingon Language Institute since 1995
> qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /

jIH muja'laH'a' vay' tetlh tu'lu'chugh rapbogh *usenet* ghom ? vaj De'
vIlaDnIS neH, muDajbogh wIvmeyvo'. chaq tlhIngan vIghitlhtaHjaj.
vIparHa'bej mughmeH teran'ngan tlhIngan je. pagh, DuHluH 'oH. tetlhDaq
veb'a' SIrgh ? 'ej tigh rapbe', 'obe' qechmeyDaq qaDbogh HovpoH. chaq
ngeDmeH tetlhDaq laDtaH. ** rap'a'? 'oH chaw''a'

SKI (nom HuD 'uy)

Could somebody tell me if there is a list similar to a "usenet" group ?
So I only need read the information, from choices which interest me.
perhaps I may continue to write in klingon, I like the translations for
english and klingon. or would it be Possible, for the thread to order of
the list ?, and not the custom, stardate which resist the order of
ideas. Perhaps for easy reading of the list. The same as ?
Paramount allow it ? 

reH jIrapbogh, taybe'wI' maw'ba'wI' je tera'ngan.
QaHrajVaD qatlho' jIH.

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