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Re: Dealing with email overload (was Re: KLBC)

There is a news server named with a list named 
startrek.klingon. It is not nearly as active as this KLI Email 
list, but several people from here respond to it. About twice a 
year at arbitrary times, Marc Okrand also responds to it. Maybe 
you'll get lucky.

charghwI' 'utlh

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999 11:35:43 -0400 Ed <> wrote:

> > 
> > ja'  GILLIAN DENSMORE  <>:
> > >Might somone sugest a nice free email place, the acount sysadmins are
> > >getting urked at the sheer amount of e-mail I'm getting from tlhingan-hol.
> > 
> > If it's only the incoming tlhIngan-Hol mail that's a problem, there are a
> > couple of ready solutions.  One is to subscribe to the list in digest form
> > in order to get all the day's posts in one big chunk (or several big chunks,
> > depending on traffic).  The other is not to subscribe to the list at all,
> > and just read the archives as they appear on the web site.
> > 
> > See the list's "welcome" message for instructions on using digest mode.  If
> > you don't have that message anymore (shame on you!), read the FAQ.
> > 
> > The list's messages are archived at /tlhIngan-Hol/ under
> > an extremely intuitive directlry structure with the current month's posts
> > always at /tlhIngan-Hol/current/ for your convenience.
> > 
> > --
> >   Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
> >     proud member of the Klingon Language Institute since 1995
> > qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /
> > 
> > 
> jIH muja'laH'a' vay' tetlh tu'lu'chugh rapbogh *usenet* ghom ? vaj De'
> vIlaDnIS neH, muDajbogh wIvmeyvo'. chaq tlhIngan vIghitlhtaHjaj.
> vIparHa'bej mughmeH teran'ngan tlhIngan je. pagh, DuHluH 'oH. tetlhDaq
> veb'a' SIrgh ? 'ej tigh rapbe', 'obe' qechmeyDaq qaDbogh HovpoH. chaq
> ngeDmeH tetlhDaq laDtaH. ** rap'a'? 'oH chaw''a'
> *Paramount*?
> SKI (nom HuD 'uy)
> Could somebody tell me if there is a list similar to a "usenet" group ?
> So I only need read the information, from choices which interest me.
> perhaps I may continue to write in klingon, I like the translations for
> english and klingon. or would it be Possible, for the thread to order of
> the list ?, and not the custom, stardate which resist the order of
> ideas. Perhaps for easy reading of the list. The same as ?
> Paramount allow it ? 
> reH jIrapbogh, taybe'wI' maw'ba'wI' je tera'ngan.
> QaHrajVaD qatlho' jIH.

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