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RE: Translation assistance

jatlh qe'San:

> Hi everyone 

> Its been a while since I last wrote to the list but 
> below is a copy of various emails regarding translations 
> for a story title <Privateer's Moon> and the Klingon 
> Strike Force's Motto <Strength through Honour> I would 
> be grateful for any opinions as to whether I've got 
> anywhere near/acceptable with <HoD mob maS> and 
> <batlh HoS pechav> respectively. The latter was
> specifically requested to be as short and sweet as the 
> language would allow.


Discussion from outside the list . . .
>>>> K'logh has sent a submission for the Worlds of Empire project.  
>>>> It is called Privateer's Moon, and he'd like a translation for 
>>>> it. What do we call a Privateer?  A privateer is distinct from 
>>>> a pirate; weren't they paid by governments to raid the ships 
>>>> of their enemies?

>>> Yes thats right the word can apply to either the ship or the 
>>> captain but obviously in this case it's the captian..

>>> In this context The Privateer would be the Captain of a 
>>> privately owned ship working for a Government and can be 
>>> working alongside the government forces or seperatly towards 
>>> the same goals.

>>> In a Klingon context this would seem to refer "a Klingon Captin" 
>>> not in the KDF ie any of the Captains of a house ship during the 
>>> civil war could be classed as Privateer's.

>>> Here lies the problem as it does seem to mean almost any Klingon
>>> Captain.

>>> I think there are really only a couple of possibilities and they 
>>> are:

>>> Lone Captain <HoD mob> or

>>> Aiding Captain <HoD QaH>

The verb <QaH> does not describe a state or quality, so it can't go after a
verb like this. This would have to be <QaHbogh HoD>.

>>> I think I prefer <HoD mob> which therefore makes:

>>> Privateer's Moon <HoD mob maS>

>>> What do you think.

>> I kinda think K'logh will like the translation.  qatlho'!

>> What did you think about my possible Privateers Moon 
>> translation <HoD mob maS>

> I liked it and just heard from K'logh who liked it and intends to 
> use it.

"Privateer's Moon" is a pretty difficult phrase to just up and translate.
<HoD mob> works well for "lone captain", but "privateer" is another matter.
According to my dictionary (actually, it's one of my cube neighbor's)
"privateer" is defined as "1. a privately owned ship commissioned to fight
or harrass enemy ships. 2. the captain or a crew member of such a ship". The
song title refers to the captain, so <HoD> is fine, but how do you describe
the idea that he owns his own ship and fights for pay? You could say <DujDaj
ghajtaHbogh HoD'e' 'ej SuvDI' Huch Hevbogh>, but that would make for a
really lousy song title. Unfortunately, Klingon doesn't have a word that's
even close to "privateer" or "mercenary", so it's probably best to just
avoid it and go with something else you like, such as <HoD mob>.

So <HoD mob maS> is fine for "Privateer's Moon" in this particular context.


>> A translation I came up with for Strength thru Honour is 
>> <batlh Hos pechav>

>> I'll put that to KLI list if you wish.

> I like that, it's very Klingon because it's giving a command.  
> Yes, I would like to know what the pab po'pu' of the KLI might 
> have to say.

This is quite good. However, since <chav> has an object, it should be <batlh
HoS yIchav>.

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