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Re: jIchegh tulajchugh

>If "I will be brief" makes sense to English speakers, {jIngaj} ought to
>make just as much sense to them.  peHruS even gave it as his interpretation
>of what I meant, although he then proceeded to claim not to understand it.

ja' peHruS:
>lughbe'bogh Hol Dalo'taHchugh ghaytan bImob'eghmoH.

chay' lughbe' lo'wIj?  Qov vIvuvba' 'ach maQochtaH.
"I'll be brief" sems completely literal to me, and not at all idiomatic.
It's exactly what I mean -- I will take up a short amount of time.  I'm
having a great deal of difficulty understanding why others don't see it
the way I do.

>nepwI' DaDaba'.  I, peHruS, showed that I do understand what you wrote.  I
>NEVER claimed to not understand it.  I did say that I disagree with how you
>said it.  batlh yIghob!  yIHIghQo'!

nepwI' 'Iv?  jInepbe' jIH 'e' lutob peHruS mu'mey:
>Does {jIngaj} mean "I'll be brief," or "I'll be short (as in using only short
>words)?"  I can't figure this one out, ghunchuwI'.  {ngaj} refers to "short
>duration of time," stative verb.  Thus, I have to think that you are
>attempting to take on the persona of time.  jImISqu.  yIQIj.

"I can't figure this one out, ghunchuwI' [sic]."  yaj'a'?  yajbe''a'?
yajbe'ba'qu' jay'!

{jImIsqu [sic].}  yaj'a'?  yajbe''a'?  yajbe'ba'qu' jay'!

cha'logh yajbe' 'e' maq peHruS.  DaH not Dochvetlh maqpu' 'e' maq.
HIghtaH 'Iv'e'?  peHruS, choyIvtaH.  DaH qabuSHa'qa'chu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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