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Re: KLBC challenge

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 14:31:39 -0400 Marc Ruehlaender 
<> wrote:

> > That is better than my "Everywhere, is honor" and your sentence 
> > which can be translated either as "Everywhere, honor is," or 
> > "Honor is everywhere," [LITERALLY, since that interpretation 
> > uses {Dat} as the direct object instead of the locative.]
> >  
> according to TKD, {Dat} never takes the suffix -Daq, so it
> should at least _also_ be interpratable in the locative sens, qar'a'?

That's why I gave two interpretations. One sees it as locative: 
"Everywhere, honor is." The other takes it as a noun: "Honor is 
> also, {Dat batlh 'oH} taken as it is, I'd have translated as
> Everywhere, it (the goal?) is honour.

Exactly. That's why I've since said that it would be much better 
as {Dat batlh tu'lu'.} both meanings apply. "Everywhere one 
finds honor," and "Everywhere, one finds honorably."
> > > *nowhere* Damugh 'e' vItul :)
> > 
> > paghDaq. bIQuch'a'?
> > 
> jIQuchchu'be'. Do you think, {paghDaq} could answer my
> original question? i.e. does 
> paghDaq jIghoS
> mean the same as
> I'm going nowhere (in a literal sense)

I think your Klingon sentence is poorly stated for the 
translation of the English sentence you've given. It should be:

pagh vIghoS.

{paghDaq jIghoS} would imply that you are no nowhere and you are 
going somewhere else. "I am nowhere and I am going." I'm 
stretching the word "go" here because the verb means to approach 
something or go from something or generally follow a path 
associated with something, but your prefix indicates no direct 
object. The locative tells you where the action is happening, 
not the destination of the action.

> also, do you think Voragh's suggestion
> vogh jIghoSbe'
> works for that?

It stumbles in that odd land of ambiguity. Does it mean, "I 
don't go anywhere," or does it mean, "I don't go everywhere; 
there are places I don't go; I don't go somewhere,"? It is an 
odd statement.
>                                            Marc Ruehlaender
>                                            aka HomDoq

charghwI' 'utlh

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