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Re: KLBC challenge

> > What I had in mind was the challenge used by Terran sentries "Advance one a
> nd
> > be recognised".
> The problem is that the imperitive implies a second person 
> subject and it seems very strange to have an explicit subject 
> {wa'} added to that. I've never seen anything like it done, 
> though I accept that Okrand could do it and it would of course 
> be right. Since he hasn't done it yet, I'm less sure it is right.
jImISba'. I don't understand the English phrase, but it _looks_
like "one" is the _object_ of "advance", not the subject.
(I thought it meant something like "advance one step")
of course if "advance one" here really means "one of you shall advance"
it's just the English that's confusing me.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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