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Re: jIDochqa'pu'mo' jItlhIj.

ja' charghwI':
>I have to learn to calm down before responding.

yIvoq'egh.  Someone's got to act as a brake on unbridled speculation,
or at least point it out.

>I don't even know why I'm showing symptoms of testosterone
>poisoning. I'm happy. Life is good. I've GOT to be nicer when I
>write here.

bIqejbe'law'.  bISaHqu'law' neH.  bISolbe'; batlh bIngach.

>bIvumDI', Huch poQbe'bogh nuv'e' yIDa.

Huch poQbe'bogh nuv'e' DaDaDI', chaq Qu' poQbe'bogh nuv'e' yIDalaw' je.

>bIQorghDI' 'ej bISaHDI', not 'oy'pu'bogh nuv yIDa.

not jI'oy'pu' jIH.  jIQorghDI' 'ej jISaHDI', nuv nong''e vIDa.

>bImI'DI', nuv bejbe'lu'taHbogh yIDa.

wejpuH.  be'nalwI' vIbelmoH neH jImI'.  jImI'DI', loQ jIbech.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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